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Matt Mundt
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For those that have only been here a week, are we guaranteed to stay another week? Or should we fill out to extend our stay for just one more week
Jessica P
When the Jersey group got here this past sunday, there were several people that FEMA/AMR did not have the documentation for (certs, etc.) and we spent a majority of the day having our team leader Renee hash that out, having people resubmit their documents and getting them in the system. Not sure how to make that better in the future because at least the Omaha people I know we all submitted everything in advance, so there was some disconnect between there and FEMA/AMR getting them. I would suggest to people coming to have copies of those documents on your phone just in case, or save an email with all those attached so if you need to re-submit them then you have whatever you might need right on hand. Other than that they have plenty of supplies to restock with here at the staging area, multiple foggers and such and they are good at being accessable for questions or issues that come up along the way.
When we come back to our home state, do we have to quarantine before going back to work?
Mike Norton
when should we know if we will be included in the third deployment